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When I want to send a friend or business partner 5 rations, I can do so in one swoop, because the rations stack. If I want to send 5 Paris Sabre, I have to do that for each item individually.

That sucks.

It also sucks that my inventory is cluttered with many copies of the same item, just because it happens to not stack.

Let's look at the game mechanics where stacking plays a role:

  • Storage: each stack consumes one slot in the storage locker
  • Combat belt: only 5 items can be stacked in one pouch of the belt
  • Shipping: a stack can be sent in one go, but the price is determined by total mass
  • Inventory: encumbrance is calculated by total mass, but number of inventory items is not limited (afaict; had more than 1k items in inventory at times)

So I have a proposal that leaves all of these aspects unchanged, but makes life massively easier for us pack rats and mass traders:

  • In inventory, make everything stackable without limit. Encumbrance continues to be calculated based on total mass.
  • In storage, stack sizes are also unlimited, but a stack can consume more than one slot. For example, 95 rations of the same tier would have previously been 4x20 + 1x15. With the new rules, it would be 1x95 that uses 5 slots
  • In the combat belt, you can can continue to equip at most 5 items to the same pouch
  • In shipping bay, you can send as many items of a stack as you want in one go. Shipping costs are still based on the total mass you send.


  • Less cluttered inventory
  • Less cluttered storage
  • Easier to send multiple items
  • Reduced server load by avoiding at least two requests per item sent


  1. Yes please, let's make this happen™ :)

  2. An addition to this well-thought suggestion, maybe we could purchase "Crate Box" from vendors, in different sizes, which they adds to the total mass undoubtedly, would also ease our life a lot.

    Shipping different kind of items in one box, just like in a real parcel service, also enables storing variety of stuff more organized in our storage areas.

  3. Thanks.

    The ticket is in place for the team, also including the addional suggestion by AndreaEntangle.


  4. Perhaps an alternative solution: item select.