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Feature request: Named Loadouts please

This is a request for named loadouts.

Background :

Particularly during a campaign, it is important to match weapons and armour vs. your opponent. if you are working your way through a number of opponents, the continual switching between sets becomes annoying and slow.

Request :

Can we please have named loadouts. At least one for each damage type (P, I, E). It should be easy (single click) to switch between loadouts, assuming that you have the relevant items in inventory. You should be able to save a loadout with a name.

Supplementary Request :

Feeback on the item images as to which damage types a weapon gives or armour protects against would also be great and help with the above contextual switching. Could be e.g. a small coloured icon for each damage type overlaid on top of the main image icon. This allows quick scanning of all items in the inventory to find the right tool for the job.


  1. I really like both the gear sets and visual clues for each gear

  2. Actually, we've been discussing something similar (about better indication) recently :)

    I created a ticket for your (additional) request about gear sets.

    So my suggestion here would be to wait until the team made more progress...

    Does that work for you?

  3. If plans are already in the work, great.

    The cycle of :

    • which armour / weapons does opponent have ?

    • which of my armour / weapons is best against those ?

    • swap gear accordingly

    • attack

    is the one that is a bit of a pain given the lack of visible feedback on the gear icons. (not helped by the fact that some similar gear gives different damage types (e.g. Blades such as Respectable Wakisashi does P and Machete does mainly E)