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t4 boredom

It seems that t4 could use a little love. The gear is meh at best, and you are stuck on a lvl 14 station to grind for credits and xp. I will agree some of that is based on career choice, but there just isnt a lot for level 16-18 to do. Not really a complaint just something I think should be looked at.

Thanks as always!



  1. Thank you Nevah for the feedback. Currently we are working on improving the UI and the balancing of Tau Station. Boredom as you call it will still happen for some time as we are still developing, but I am sure we can address some of it soon.

    Keep providing detail feedback, we need it!



  2. Thank you, I appreciate the response. I am sure it will be sorted in the future, I understand there are higher priorities.


  3. Today's blog post will share a couple of insights from the recent meeting with the Citizen Council.

    :) Cheerio!