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Course "Tax and Fees"

The 7 day-long Bureaucracy level 2 University course "Tax and Fees" has no affect on anything, as far as the community has been able to determine in ~1.5 years of beta testing.

Can you either let us in on what the course does, or fix it to do something please? :-)


  1. beta testing

    Are you perchance predicting the future? :-D
    AFAICT this puppy is still housed deep in downtown Alphaville.

    But I fully agree with the expressed sentiment. This course is about as useful as the "Dodge" course. Grenades? What grenades?

  2. Heyho, I checked it with the team.

    It does have an effect on your VISA, but we need to review it in detail in order to make it more useful/communicate the effects better. - I created a ticket for the team.