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More Courses!

We Tau Station players are a curious bunch, so we always want to learn more :-)

My unfinished courses only last for about 3 cycles, and with all available speeds it's closer to one cycle.

So it would be a good idea to implement some new University courses.

(And it would be even better to have some more courses before the old ones run out, so that we have to make choices as where to specialize).

Here are some ideas; some have been floating around in chat, blog, discord and the forums, some are my own:

  • Item Repair 4 & 5: faster repairs
  • Repair Sequence: repair all items in inventory without further interaction
  • Item Hardening: harden items against damage
  • Reconnaissance: view opponent's' combat belt contents
  • A course that, along with at least Respected reputation, lets you buy Gaule visa that last a lot longer (maybe a cycle?)
  • Item deconstruction: allows you to take apart weapons and armor. This could give you
    • Raw materials for buildings
    • with some probability, trade goods whose values depend on the tier of the deconstructed item
    • Faster repairs of similar items
    • (later) skills to craft similar items
    • it could be prerequisite for hardening items of the same type
  • Shoot from the hip: gives you higher chances to hit an opponent in short-range combat with a long-range weapon
  • Weapon Concealment: others cannot see any weapon you carry, unless they attack you
  • Armor Concealement: same for armor
  • Self-Concealment: You don't always show up in the people list of an area; others have to search to find concealed players.
  • Master Ship Engineering: repair ships and bring them higher the 75% mark
  • Passenger Piloting: Take a passenger with you on a private ship.
  • Remote Piloting: remote-control a private ship.
  • Master Navigation:
    • Multi-Jump Navigation without slowdown
    • Multi-Jump Navigation involving non-jump-gates (e.g. non-stop from Tau Station to Yards of Gadani)

I guess not all of these options are practical, which is why I listed many options in the hopes that at least some are easy enough to implement and fit into the general concept.


  1. Only 1 I disagree with. If you have taken all three gaulle psych courses and have respected status, this should already be a given. Should not require another course.

  2. TBH I would be totally OK if the Gaule visa feature was completely removed.

    It doesn't add much game play, it's just another thing you have to remember when traveling, and based on reports in chat, it frustrates quite a few players.

  3. It’s designed for a layer of realism. Irl you would definitely need a vesa to travel between feuding nations.

  4. View opponent's secondary weapon. it's hard to imagine one can see a breakfast knife as primary weapon, but not an ear piercer as secondary weapon.

  5. Thanks a lot for such a decent list!

    I created a ticket to share it with the team (but as you know, some team members are at a Perl conference these days) :)


  6. #Suggestion: Courses that Affect Career

    ##Course Prerequisites for Career Promotion


    • Basic Law and Basic Economics for (obviously) Law Career

    • Physiology & Anatomy courses for Medicine Career

    Perhaps also possible to:

    • Make some existing courses as prerequisites (like the Ship Repair Courses for Port Tech career)

    Have other courses that "improve performance" (in a narrative sense) and decrease required no. of days to be promoted.


    • Psychology Courses improve performance in Law Career

    • Ship Handling/Repair Courses improve performance in Port Tech career

    • The (previously mentioned and proposed) Economics course improve performance in Business Career Path

  7. Thank you, I created a ticket. In case of new/different suggestions, please always start a new topic that we do not overlook any of your ideas.

    Thx & cheerio!