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[bug] Combat log window shows wrong info before first attack in LFT
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.82/42:124 GCT by StarGazer
[bug] Item Management gives false warning when sending items
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.80/33:470 GCT by Hecate
[bug] "Look for trouble" with 1% Focus gives no message
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.79/52:883 GCT by Hecate
[bug] Mobile view displays two VIP icons right one above the other
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.79/33:519 GCT by Hecate
[typo] Dev blog post calls itself Corpse
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.78/57:229 GCT by StarGazer
[bug] Own profile erroneously displays VIP icon
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.78/56:953 GCT by Hecate
[bug] Circuit Board only stacks to 10
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.78/56:636 GCT by Hecate
[Typo] [Suggestion] Consistent paragraph in successful career task result
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 1
205.72/38:820 GCT by StarGazer
[bug] Bank area miscategorized in area tutorial
Author: Perleone / comments: 3
205.68/73:267 GCT by Perleone
[typo] Bad English at Career Task
Author: Perleone / comments: 3
205.67/94:738 GCT by Perleone
[typo] F.O.T.S Line Com-Bat is missing a period
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.67/46:575 GCT by StarGazer
Tau Station: Input wanted for SEO!
Author: StarGazer / comments: 0
205.66/75:677 GCT by StarGazer
SoB mission with Nang and Ah-Po . . .
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 2
205.59/88:393 GCT by Bob-Simpson
PvE typo
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
205.59/37:650 GCT by StarGazer
[typo] port tech career
Author: Nevah / comments: 1
205.57/62:557 GCT by StarGazer
Typo correction from last Update Changelog 2020-05-01
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 1
205.57/36:435 GCT by StarGazer
[typo] Dev blog post calls the station Moisson throughout
Author: Perleone / comments: 1
205.57/36:187 GCT by StarGazer
Has anybody figured out the campaign leaderboard damage column?
Author: Perleone / comments: 3
205.55/64:426 GCT by Sotheryn
[Typo] Mission Bond Villain and related
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 0
205.55/64:165 GCT by Sotheryn
Author: Shadow / comments: 2
205.44/79:357 GCT by Shadow