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Please share suggestions on Citizen Council forums! Post pinned Post locked
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204.62/62:907 GCT by StarGazer
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Learning enhancers
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216.86/32:348 GCT by Sotheryn
TYPOS: COBRA Effect/One Life on Earth
Author: Morag-Tsikhanouskaya / comments: 3
216.21/39:159 GCT by StarGazer
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TYPOS: Eyes of Iridium
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215.80/50:042 GCT by StarGazer
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Nov-30: Join the video call with the team (now)
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214.98/59:917 GCT by StarGazer
Talk with the team on 30-Nov-2022: Please share your time preference
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214.97/63:322 GCT by StarGazer
[Suggestion] Syndicate Players Recent Activity
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214.11/61:238 GCT by Sotheryn
Best. Typo. Evar.
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214.08/66:416 GCT by StarGazer
New game update tomorrow! For your safety, please do not travel until completion. Deep space is unforgiving!
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214.06/41:220 GCT by StarGazer
TYPOS: Seeking the Sanguine Samhain [*SPOILERS*]
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
214.04/37:526 GCT by StarGazer
A singular typo
Author: Memento-Mori / comments: 3
213.92/66:528 GCT by StarGazer
Tau Station Discord
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213.57/60:141 GCT by StarGazer
Problem with mission "Namesake"
Author: Syrik / comments: 3
213.28/32:537 GCT by StarGazer
Meet the devs on 31-May-2022: Tell us your time preference! Post locked
Author: StarGazer / comments: 28
213.15/34:390 GCT by StarGazer
Meet the devs: Zoom call link for May 31st
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213.14/75:208 GCT by StarGazer
[Typo] Item description "Danger Digs: Sapphire Line"
Author: Groat / comments: 3
213.14/75:054 GCT by StarGazer
Is there any way to speed up the drearily slow tele-type text?
Author: Josh-600 / comments: 1
212.96/43:248 GCT by StarGazer