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Author: StarGazer / comments: 0
204.62/62:907 GCT by StarGazer
Meet the devs on 31-May-2022: Tell us your time preference!
Author: StarGazer / comments: 22
213.02/69:815 GCT by StarGazer
Is there any way to speed up the drearily slow tele-type text?
Author: Josh-600 / comments: 1
212.96/43:248 GCT by StarGazer
Meet the devs: Zoom call link
Author: StarGazer / comments: 1
212.61/45:629 GCT by StarGazer
Meet the devs on 07-Apr-2022: Tell us your time preference!
Author: StarGazer / comments: 13
212.59/58:876 GCT by StarGazer
Please do not release a new UI untill it has been properly tested!
Author: MaxDamage / comments: 4
212.59/35:586 GCT by StarGazer
Post deleted by MaxDamage at 212.54/80:738 GCT
Self Bounty (3 day VIP pack award)
Author: RuthlessCombat / comments: 0
212.53/87:681 GCT by RuthlessCombat
H.Y.T.T.I.O.A.O.A. typos/bugs [SPOILERS]
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
212.53/32:394 GCT by StarGazer
New UI comments
Author: Roosta / comments: 9
212.52/78:998 GCT by Shadow
new changes
Author: Elkhorn / comments: 3
212.31/70:804 GCT by StarGazer
Chronicle typos
Author: Shadow / comments: 0
212.26/01:999 GCT by Shadow
[Typo] Sol’s Soliloquy: Oscillating bladed club Lower Case
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 0
212.24/53:718 GCT by Sotheryn
what are trade slots?
Author: TheGoldenDarkness / comments: 1
212.18/45:497 GCT by StarGazer
Dead game?
Author: DeliSubs / comments: 2
211.83/70:194 GCT by Shadow
[Typo] Tinker, Taylor
Author: Morag-Tsikhanouskaya / comments: 0
211.26/60:367 GCT by Morag-Tsikhanouskaya
[Typo] The Handgun Reclaim as The Silent One
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 0
210.49/68:940 GCT by Sotheryn
[Typo] Missing hyphen in the Avant-Garde Series
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 0
210.47/90:350 GCT by Sotheryn
[Typo] Wargames Officer's Field revolver Lower case
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 0
210.32/94:044 GCT by Sotheryn
[Typo] Inconsistent Shotguns as Handguns
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 0
210.32/92:491 GCT by Sotheryn