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Hello! My name is Dotsent and after being a vice-chairman during the first Council I am proud to be elected the chairman of the second one. My focus during the first Council was on combat-related topics and while I continue looking into it in the second one, my primary goal now is to get more interesting features implemented, such as bulk trade, open space flight and rebuilding abandoned stations, to name a few.

So, if you have an interesting idea that you'd like to have implemented - don't hesitate to contact me or put it directly into the Council forum!

The Team

The rest of the council team works alongside the Chairperson to ensure your voice is heard by the Tau Developers.

Remember; any topic which you discuss on the special forums can be put on the council meeting agenda. Your council team will then debate it, and possibly present it to the developers. This is democracy in action, Citizen!

So, without further ado, meet your other representatives below:

Vice Chairperson


Vice Secretary