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[Suggestion] Combat Features

Although I know recent developments probably are focused on other things, here's a few suggestions on combat that would be cool if any of them are implemented:

  1. Allow players to swap armor and weapons during combat at the cost of one turn

  2. When listing what armor and weapons others have equipped, also link it to the URL with item details. This way we can see what we're going up against without having to search the item up every time.

  3. When fleeing, if you're in short range combat then instead of immediately leaving the arena you retreat to long range. Only if you flee in long range can you fully escape combat.

  4. New stims that boost focus, and stims that, instead of instantly giving you a stat boost, give you regen over a short amount of time (like 50 units) in total equal to the instant stat boost.

  5. Dying loses a couple of your items, and winners of fights on stations where you can die get the items that you lost as a reward for looting you.

  6. If you tie with an opponent in a fight (if your final move cost you the rest of your focus but also defeats your opponent) it's not listed as a defeat, but a draw.


  1. Added to Trello.