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[Suggestion] Make a distinction between legal and illegal tasks

Unless I missed something, there is know way to know if a task is legal or not. I used to do a lot of "Dispose of a failed clone" assuming it was the normal procedure when a clone failed and was surprised to eventually end up in the brig.

It would be nice to be able to identify missions that might get us in trouble. For instance:

  • Make the text appear in a different color.
  • An emoji like ⚠️ could appear near or near the price.
  • Add a filter "show/hide illegal tasks"
  • All of the above. :p

Thanks for this awesome game.


  1. I second the motion. (On the other hand, a citizen should be able to tell if his actions go against the general legal principles (provided those principles are somewhat in line with natural law), so discerning such a task (provided the description is adequate - I'll get to that in a moment) shouldn't pose a significant problem. On the other other hand, I have a task "Listen for information about easy marks". Sounds innocuous enough, I thought... "You heard someone talking about going off-station and broke into their place while they were gone. ..." Oops. Not sure what failure does, though. So, yeah.)

  2. You can tell whether a task is illegal before landing in the brig, but it does require one successful attempt. If you are paid to your wallet, then the task is illegal. If you are paid to the bank, then the task is legal.

    So far as I know, there is no similar test to determine whether a task is safe or not (might land you in sick bay).

  3. Added to Trello.