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Mega mission/event suggestion

So... I was thinking. I know, I know, bad idea as usual.

And I came up with this:

For (some future) "new" jumpgate opening, make a global cooperative story/mission event where people would use their career experience to help repair and initiate operations of the new jumpgate. Technologists would salvage resources and repair the gate, criminals would source the more scarce components and provide R&R, embassy staff would be busy setting up arrangements for the gate's use, and so on. Perhaps once a tenspan a special situation could come up where people would be required to perform a certain amount of specific (mission/career) tasks in order for the story to keep moving forward (e.g. 10,000 of this task must be completed globally before the next mission step becomes available).

Top contributors to be immortalized by having their names etched onto gate components. Or maybe get honorary Gaule citizenship so they don't have to bother with visas any more, or...

...I'll let myself out now.


  1. What a great idea! Way back in cycle 199 when the jump gate to Barny was opened I blogged a bit about the Technologist aspect you described above.

    I'd love to see your suggestion implemented, it would convey a real sense of participation and then achievement for the players.

  2. I also remember suggesting, in the original (now defunct) forum, that community-wide effort be required to open new Jump Gates. If I recall correctly, it eventually came up in a Citizen Council meeting, and staff's response was that this sort of thing had always been planned and still was.

    Added to Trello anyway!

  3. I think, long term, that this could also lead to a percentage of jump gate or port use as long-term revenue: you help build/repair/open it, you get a cut on future use. Would require a "pay per use" model for jump gates. For docks, could be a "fee" paid along with use of port - tied to travel and possibly ("gulp") ship docking. Ship docking in the real world isn't free - I know from my boats! This would counter the fast expansion of fleets by making ships a cost beyond their use. This leads to another idea.... Space moorings (for use or rent by players) for long term storage at a reduced price. Another form of trade and/or way to minimize storage costs of ships not being used much.