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[Suggestion] Amphetamines


This idea stems from the fact that energy games (focus in Tau Station) tend to be unplayable by normal working players. That is, when you're working, fully regenerated focus stays untouched, and when you're finally in your free time and available to play that available focus gets depleted fast to find yourself unable to play. This is not entirely the case of Tau Station as there are alternatives to get around it (rations or VIP packs), so this is more of a scanning suggestion to see how far the line this seats for the minds behind the concept of this game.

Key concept

Add an item (here suggested as amphetamines) that significantly speeds stat and focus regeneration for a short time, but not changing the overall daily regeneration speed – meaning that for working players, when you're free to play you can really play (avoiding that scenario where you like the game, it's the game, but because you can't fully play it when you're free, you end up having other alternative distracting games).

Example (representatives values)

For every full day (100 segments) the baseline regeneration allows for a total of 1000 focus availability. When on amphetamines, for 10 segments you speed your regeneration making 500 focus available; following a hangover where your stat regeneration gets as slow as to get the remaining 500 focus in the next 90 segments.

Adjustments to remove unfair advantage (up to extreme ones)

This raw idea would represent an added gameplay style, but indeed messes with some balanced core concepts. During the hangover time you can't consume rations; you can't travel; you can't leave your hotel; you need to recover in the Sickbay; you're always encumbered; toxins levels are high; etc.


  1. Added to Trello.