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[Suggestion] Career-related "story" missions

As I immensely enjoy the story missions and their story and lore, I would love to see more of them. Thus my suggestion for career-specific missions: - Perhaps one such mission per each career rank, related to e.g. hiring/promotion happening - for instance, regarding colleagues or (now former) supervisor, or a competing agency/institution "headhunting" you etc. - Prior preparation for mission (study, training, item purchases, experience with certain tasks...) would increase success rate/rewards of mission - Permanent increase in e.g. daily credit salary for that career rank, or some other small permanent perk (A title? A certificate one can hang in their ship cockpit? A trophy item? A modification/booster for an weapon/armor? Possibilities are endless!) - Maybe recurring in order to maintain the highest level of qualification (not rank)? Permanent rewards would then no longer be awarded, but instead some flavor reward, such as being a featured speaker at a specialist conference or sumfin?

Was just going all freeride, but would love to hear opinions.


  1. With sincere apologies to the overworked narrative team: I am always in favor of more story!

  2. Added to Trello.