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Suggestion: Item Selling Alteration

Hey there. I use a screen reader, and for whatever reason ... I can't sell anything. I get asked if I want to sell my item, and if I'm sure again, and again, and again. Some suggestions I have for this are,

  1. Make one-click selling a possible setting. It takes longer for screen reader users to move from one option to another so the likelihood of accidentally selling an item is much lower.

  2. Change the way the sell button looks. As of right now both the sell and confirm options seem to be the same button, or right next to each other, which is where I think my reader is running into confusion. Something like a dialogue box with "Are you sure you wish to sell?" with a yes and no button would probably do the trick.

Also, if anyone else who uses a screen reader has found a way around this issue, or hasn't run into it and would like to share their browser and screen reader combo I'd love to hear it.