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Syndicate Admin. Facilities

"Name" (type)
Syndicate Administrative Facility

*Affected feature (benefits)*  

Syndicate Activity Modifiers (not yet established)

*How to use*  

With Syndicate membership or licensure (Licensure not yet established, and Syndicate licensure not yet established)
Any Syndicate Activity Modifiers could be enjoyed at a level enhanced by level and operational efficiency of Facility


Station (only affects characters, buildings and activities on station),
System (Affects characters, buildings and activities on ships and stations in system),
Regional (Affects characters, buildings and activities on ships and stations within set number of jumps),
Galactic (Affects characters, buildings and activities throughout available parts of galaxy)


Syndicate Membership and/or License (Syndicate can require credits or bonds as licensing fee for non-members)
Technical expertise (Syndicate must acquire and retain appropriate levels thereof in both syndicate achievements and members.)
Supplies (Facility would consume resources)
Cost (Facility would cost credits and/or bonds to operate)
Maintenance (Wear and Tear would affect operations, and components would degrade and/or break. Similar to ships)
Vulnerable (Can Be Attacked, Must Be Defended)
Taxed (Syndicate must pay regular fee to station and to affiliate government to maintain operation and even possession)


  1. Added to Trello.