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Suggestion: Ideas on crafting . . .

First, enact crafting with a level of quality.
For example, Don (imaginary friend) wants to produce a widget (generic player item).
Don's chance of success is a percentage calculated according to
[ (Don's Player Exp Level - extant)
x (Don's Crafting Exp level - new)
x (Don's Related Career Rank, if active - extant)
x (1 + Don's completed number of related Crafting Classes - new and extant)
x (1 + Related Genotype Bonus - new and extant)
x (Random Variable - VERY extant)
x (Don's Stats - extant)
x (Don's stat percentages - extant)
x (1 + VIP modifier - new)
x (1 + Stim modifier - new and extant)
x (1 + Related Skill Modifier(s) - new and extant)
x (Don's Player Level Divided by Station Level - extant)
x (Don's Player Tier Divided by Station Tier - extant)
x (1 + Existence of, location at, and access to related facility on station - 1 or 0, new idea)
x (level of facility - new) ]

Divided by

[(Widget's Tier - extant)
x (Manufacturing Difficulty Constant - new)
x (Widget's Manufacturing Difficulty Level - new)
x (Random Stupid Event Probability - extant?)
x (Station Security Level if illegal - extant)
x (1 + Toxicity - extant)
x (1 + Related Genotype Penalty - extant)
x (rarity level of Widget - extant) ]

Second, enact Crafting Rules and consequences

Production would be illegal without licensure, which costs bonds and increases in price according to tier of player.
Quality/Rarity of object would be menu option, and obviously would decrease in difficulty according to level of station and level of player
If Don gets caught making an illegal widget, he may lose the widget, some credits, his license to make widgets and/or some time in the brig. He may also have his stock of materials for crafting this widget confiscated.
If Don gets caught producing widgets without licensure, the same applies.
If Don gets caught producing illegal widgets without a production license and/or a license for related widgets, the penalties are enhanced.
Obviously, legalities are different on freebooter stations, where guild membership would serve the same function as licensure.
Don can get hurt making Widgets.
Don can be attacked while making Widgets.
Widgets must be carried or stored and are subject to the extant security concerns.


  1. Added to Trello.