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[SUGGESTION] Progress Bars

Some things are quick to gain, some take ages (Revered rep in particular).

In games, it always gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I can see getting closer and closer to the goal. I would personally love to see some tiny progress bars for things like reputation, stats, days in career, career xp.

For reputation it's quite self-explanatory. It simply shows a percentage related to much you've already accomplished at the current stage, e.g. Respected 45/100% means you are almost half through getting from Respected to Admired.

Similarly for Stats, except reaching negative would mean falling to the lower bracket and reaching 100% would mean attaining the higher bracket.


  1. FWIW: In the early days of Tau Station we did indeed see a percentage for reputation. The devs removed it, presumably intentionally.

  2. Added to Trello.