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[Suggestion] Vendor market interface

First off, let me say that TAU is my home away from for a long time to come. Completely infatuated.

With that out of the way, core message: The vendors are a pain to navigate. I'm currently looking to gear up for Tier 2 and it's a really tedious process - HWT on Tau station has oodles of stuff and making sense of the cornucopia of items is a lot of work.

Suggestions: - add filters by tier at least; additional filters such as damage ranges, element resistances, accuracy(!) or rarities would be a welcome change as well (combining several filters would be another super helpful feature (e.g. I want to see all Tier 2, long-range weapons, with energy damage, and accuracy>0.175) - or enable sorting (desc/asc) by these attributes.

Thanks for consideration! Ship


  1. Added to Trello.