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System and Station design (colour) differentiation

Although UI changes are imminent, maybe there's still room for basic ideas that could make a bigger impact.

Following this crowdedness line of thought, every System and Station feels the same.

As a baseline idea, what if each System as a base colour (as a background mask, as font colour, as box limits, or any design feature)? Some colours already have meaning (Red is Gaule Protectorate, Blue is Consortium, Green is Independent, Yellow is Freebooter), so that has to be taken in consideration, but according to every System concept other colours could easily come up.

That way, moving around a System and Station's Areas can indeed be felt differently and not the same.


  1. While I wholeheartedly support the idea of differentiating between stations that are otherwise identical except for flavor text, I know that accessibility is a primary consideration of Tau Station, so differentiation based exclusively on color or other visual cues may not be the ideal way to go.

  2. Oh. So no options other than text?

  3. It’s ultimately up to staff, of course, but my impression is that they try to avoid indicators that are purely visual. The security cameras, for example: the image changes when they’re broken, but there’s also different text.

  4. Added to Trello.