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Suggestion [Mission for dual citizenship]

How about a mission that when completed will enable the player to have dual citizenship? Meaning they won't have to buy a Visa to any Gaule stations. Of course it won't be an easy mission to start, as it will require to have very good relations with both The Consortium and The Gaule Protectorate (Revered reputation only). The player is drawn into a tense mission of huge diplomatic consequences, witnessing an attack on a Gaule embassy with evidence pointing to The Consortium but learning of another terrorist attack at a Consortium embassy with evidence pointing to The Gaule. During the investigation the player will obtain proof that it was the first phase of a diabolical campaign by a organized group of radicalized Freebooters that aimed to start a war between both sides, with the aim of weakening whichever side wins in order to launch their own attack with a discovered cache of pre-cat WMD's. With the help of willing Freebooter's who fear such a conflict will be disastrous to the Freebooter affiliation, the player ultimately manages to reprogram the targeting system of the WMD's and detonate them harmlessly away from interstellar routes. Although both the Consortium and Gaule are wary of each other, they acknowledge the player as a trusted individual and The Gaule grant the player honorary citizenship on all Gaule stations.


  1. Added to Trello.