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Minutes from 2020-03-28 meeting

The minutes from the most recent meeting of the second Citizen Council:

Meeting of Second Citizen Council

Meeting scheduled start 2020-03-28 1930 UTC


  • Dotsent (Chair)
  • Bandall
  • Brovnik
  • Geoff
  • moritz
  • Nevah
  • Shadow
  • Xierumeng

Community Suggestions

The Council went through suggestions posted in the Citizen Council forum, discussed, and voted as follows:

Idle Missions

This proposal was rejected, with seven No votes and one abstention. The core concept was spoken of with some approval, however, so some modified alternatives are expected to be proposed via the normal process (i.e., posting in the Citizen Council forum).

Seasonal Content

The Council previously accepted a similar proposal. It has already been discussed with staff, which indicated that such content was already planned. The Council elected to treat this as a suggestion to remind staff about it.


It was noted that this proposal might involve personal modifications, which have not yet been implemented. Nevertheless, the proposal was accepted, with seven Yes votes and one No vote.

Bots, Droids, Drones, AI

Discussion was had regarding the variety of potential uses of this suggestion. This proposal was accepted, with six Yes votes and two abstentions.

Vendor Changes

This proposal involves numerous different suggestions. After discussion, the Council elected to consider adding rotating inventory to existing vendors, limited in amounts and possibly damaged. It was noted that this proposal--specifically purchasing damaged items for parts--would likely interact with the crafting system, which has not yet been implemented. Nevertheless, this proposal was accepted, with five Yes votes and three No votes.

Ship Modules

Because ship modules are already planned, the Council considered only the part of the proposal involving the availability of ships for purchase (for cash) when first starting the game. This proposal was rejected, with one Yes vote and seven No votes. Council members suggested that they might be more open to a modified proposal that did not include any education courses.

Media Center

Concern was raised regarding whether the upcoming major changes to the User Interface might obsolete or otherwise affect this suggestion. The proposal was tabled pending release of the new UI, with seven Yes votes and one No vote.

Bulk Delete Shipping Notifications

This proposal was unanimously accepted with eight Yes votes.

Repeat Career Task

This proposal was unanimously accepted with eight Yes votes.

University Course Display

This proposal was unanimously accepted with eight Yes votes.

VIP from Freebooters

The Council clarified that these extra VIP packs should be limited in quantity and/or much more expensive than the one already available each week. With that understanding, this proposal was unanimously accepted with eight Yes votes.

Visual Reference for Crowdedness

Because the upcoming major UI changes are very likely to impact this proposal, the Council tabled it by unanimous consent.

Stim Names

It was noted that a publicly available player-created script already does this. Nevertheless, this proposal was accepted, with five Yes votes, two No votes, and one abstention.

Consideration of the remaining suggestions were postponed until the next Council meeting.

General Discussion

All Council members reported on their wellbeing during the current novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Council generally discussed broader topics involving possible additions/changes to Tau Station. It was stressed that staff is prioritizing changes that will attract players over changes that add new content.

The Council also discussed, with approval, the upcoming concept of “core” missions to further the narrative of Tau Station. Some Council members reported their experiences on a test server.

The Council agreed to schedule its next formal meeting within the next month or so. Dotsent volunteered to arrange an online poll for selecting a date and time, as soon as practical.

The meeting was then adjourned by unanimous consent.

Respectfully submitted,

As always, these minutes are available to the public on Google Drive. [direct link]