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[Suggestion] Show list of currently rented hotel rooms

You can rent a hotel room at all (currently) 26 stations. I travel a lot for campaigning, education, sewering, refueling, and tend to spend a bit of time on stations, hence I rent a local hotel room.

At the moment I've lost count of where my currently rented hotel rooms are located. I wish my character page had a section that listed them, like it lists my ships.


  1. Thoughts:

    1. What would be the benefit to a player? Would it affect travel decisions in some way?
    2. Ships are permanent once purchased; hotel rooms are ephemeral.
    3. Unless I am mistaken, both hotel room rentals and hotel room expirations are listed in the Events log, so it is possible (if a bit cumbersome) to determine this already.
  2. Added to Trello.