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Idea: extra VIP from Freebooters?

As we all know, VIP is a controlled substance, so all the governments are restricting its purchases to one 3-day VIP pack per Auld Earth week. However, since the Freebooters are already dealing in another controlled substance - rations - why wouldn't they offer some extra VIP as well? They could again limit it somehow (due to, let's say, scarcity) and charge much higher price (e.g. 2x or 3x the normal price in bonds).


  1. I will absolutely give this a +1.

  2. Sounds like some people are getting a little desperate for VIP packs. Might be a good time to part with some of my two month supply and buy a couple of Razorbacks with the proceeds!

  3. I been VIP free for quite some time. :) somebody will buy them tho.

  4. I'm a hoarder!

  5. Another way for players to spend bonds = another way for the game to generate income. Always good. And being VIP is not so overpowered that this would make Tau Station pay-to-win.

  6. Added to Trello.