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Add a visual reference for an Area crowdedness

This suggestion is about providing that immediate feeling of entering a crowded place, promoting immersion.

When we move around Systems, Stations, and Areas, unless we specifically check the People tab, everything looks the same, whether you are at a very crowded Station such as TAU or YOG or at a deserted one.

There’s a visual reference (short description) in every Area, that allows to recall key characteristics, but none for how crowded it is.

I’m suggesting a simple addition under or below the area’s short description (or any) of some kind of a characters’ icon (similar to the one for Preferences; or any) that would provide a visual reference for how many people (NPC + players) are at that moment at that Area (an icon per character; a character icon followed by the number of characters; or any).


  1. +1

    Personally, I wish everyone in an area was visible on the area's main screen. I understand staff probably designed it this way instead to be more mobile-friendly, but it's an obstacle to the feeling of an MMO when there's virtually no second M.

    I'd also like to see possible interactions besides "Attack," but that's a separate issue.

  2. Added to Trello.