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About what I was thinking, too. High risk, time, and fuel cost/very high reward when successful. Would suit the higher lvl players who get a bit bored and can handle the risk/reward level. Doesn't have to be very fancy (I think) and could build off of current DW with only a bit of tweaking for area/character selections. Could be very very involved if scrolls are anywhere or multiple steps are anywhere.... so might need to minimize the probability of having to jump 10 times to just get the location of a NPC you need to meet.


  1. Here is another idea that fits nicely into the expanded ship owner's Side Job / Discreet Work option list. Security recruits you to apprehend a fugitive that has managed to escape off station. They give you the fugitive's last known location and it is up to you to track the fugitive down. When found, you apprehend the fugitive by winning a Wreck style fight. If the fugitive has friends, it turns into a Sewer style fight. If you win, you return the fugitive for a hefty bounty. If you lose, the fugitive has successfully eluded you and, thanks to Coretechs, your identity is now known and you will never get close again. It might even be possible to generate a success score (wins vs. losses) which would be used to rank you as a Bounty Hunter. As with trading, this could later be expanded into a more complex system that essentially creates a player generated career path.

  2. Mostly good. I would add "You accidentally killed the fugitive. Although this has reduced risk in the galaxy, your reward will be lower." Not sure how this would be computed, but would be an unexpected outcome and part of the risk/reward decision players would have to make.

  3. Could also add "The fugitive and his three friends offer you 50,000 creds to say he got away. Do you accept, or do you attack?"

  4. Lots of possible options... you were caught taking a bribe and were fined and locked up....