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Suggestion for Regular Food / Regional Dishes

In an effort to flesh out the game world of Tau Station, I propose that it be possible to order normal food when in your inn room. In game terms, effects would be minimal (perhaps a sleight increase in room recuperation time), but the primary purpose would be to add a little more "flavor" to the game. Food offered would vary from station to station (cultural influences) and your order would include a visual representation of the dish along with a description of its history, ingredients, and preparation. Meal prices (in credits) would vary, with higher priced dishes giving greater recuperative benefits. These benefits would always be less than those obtained when fully fed from rations, but it would still allow a sleight increase when added to the fully fed state (comfort food). To further flesh out the use of food in the game, it might be possible that a player will find that a stat has slightly improved sometime after eating a certain dish, but this would probably go unnoticed, as the effect would not be immediately applied. Conversely, a player may have an adverse reaction, which might lengthen rather than shorten recuperation time, and could even have an allergic reaction and end up in Sick Bay.


  1. The idea in general has been proposed before and postponed by the Council with the reasoning behind it being: "This has lower priority than a lot of other announced things".

    There is one difference from the previous suggestions though - specifically, the adverse/allergic effects. They are already present to an extent when drinking in the Bar, so it's only logical to extend the future food with it.

  2. I also point out that I have included a "real life" educational component similar to the Cinema feature that is currently available. Other than that, I completely agree that this is a low priority feature, but my suggestions are usually of a "looking down the road" variety, rather than the "this is broken and needs to be fixed now" variety.

  3. Added to Trello.