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Suggestion for New Station Area

I read a post about lack of an "in game" announcement for the recent Emberfest adventure. I suggest the creation of a new Station Area, MEDIA CENTER. We already get a daily message informing us of our daily ration being available in the GOV'T CENTER. We could just as easily receive a message informing us of an important announcement available in the MEDIA CENTER. This location could also offer links to the various Coretechs sections that are available. As a new player, I never bothered to check these things out, because they were not required for game play and they were buried at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, many in game announcements are found in this section, but they are constantly missed by new players that have no idea that they are there. Their inclusion in the MEDIA CENTER would make them more a part of the game. I would also suggest a Mission that would require a new player to explore the various information services and learn what is available to them. I call the Mission "Fact Checker" where the MEDIA CENTER is looking for someone to track down and confirm bits of information for news writers. This should be easy to incorporate into the usual mission format of choosing a path and following it. You are given a question and what Coretechs area would have the answer. You go to the area, find the answer, return and are given four possible answers. A correct answer leads you to the next question, an incorrect answer asks you to recheck your information (i.e., leave, return, and try again). To make this a meaningful experience for the new player, I suggest that successfully completing the mission grants experience and a hefty Bond package of maybe as much as 500 Bonds. This is known as the "crack dealer" approach, because the gamer will become invested in the game and his character and will see no problem in spending real money to get more bonds, especially when he starts seeing desirable items that require far more than 500 Bonds to acquire. (Check out Wizard101 for an idea of how effective this approach can be.)


  1. Added to Trello.