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Suggestions for Additional Bond Uses

Some areas take your bonds for perks,... let's give them all something that you can use. (Note: I will not try to set bond amounts, as that will require considerations beyond the scope of my knowledge. Feel free to offer suggestions.) BANK: Finance Manager: For a payment of X Bonds, you can increase your earnings by 50% for 0/50:000 GCT. BRIG: (already takes bribes for +/- brig time) CLONES: (already provides premium clone service) EMPLOYMENT: Official Courier: For X Bonds you will be tasked to deliver documents to a Gaule station. Transport and Visa will be provided. Payment upon completion and return will be in form of credits at rate of 10x number of bonds paid. (Note: You have one day after arrival at station to complete job and catch return shuttle, or you must find own return shuttle. Possible to take return documents at no additional bond cost, but payment will then be 20x number of bonds paid.) GOV'T CENTER: (already has bribe for extra rations) (possible addition for VIP status would be X Bonds to have rations sent to your storage unit instead of kept at Gov't Center, increasing maximum number of rations to storage size.) (suggestion: Perhaps someday we can have the storage units of inactive players available for public auction?) (This one is for that sad moment when your one little indiscretion [i.e., you got caught] results in an [obviously undeserved] reputation loss... Public Relations Director: For X Bonds, lost reputation can be repaired to a previous level [1 level maximum] Suggest sliding scale where the higher reps pay less than lower reps, because that is the way it works in the real world. This is not a shortcut for developing reputation and can only restore to the point where you were.) GYM: (already has Personal Trainer) INN: (already has Social Training boost in Lounge and Learning Enhancement in Room) (possible tie-in to locking self in room: X Bonds + room cost for Deluxe room (special door locks and faster stat restoration) MARKET: (already have vendors with the fancy stuff) (possible tie-in to multi-station travel plans,... Unlicensed Travel Agent: for X Bonds you will have an uninterrupted flight to ANY destination, but travel will be slow because freighters have many stops as they travel between the stars, but you are guaranteed a safe, but cramped passage. Must consume one ration for each day of travel, so pack accordingly. Your trip also includes a very convincing ID that shows you to be a native of your destination station, but you should probably avoid brigs and sick bays or anywhere else that would look at it a little too long.) (see PORT)(For future consideration: Modification Installation: For X Bonds they will install ANY modification and, after looking both ways, will boot you out the back door and swear on their mother's grave that you had never been there.) (see SICK BAY) PORT: (already have fast travel option) (possible tie-in to multi-station travel plans,... Travel Agent: for X Bonds + cost of all tickets you will have an uninterrupted flight to any destination serviced by public shuttle. All connections will be handled automatically, while you wait in the comfort of a private lounge, secure in the knowledge that the riffraff are kept out by the agency's private security.) RESIDENCES: For X Bonds you can obtain lodging and mingle with the locals. Treat as a Hotel Room for purposes of stat regeneration and protection (The neighborhood watch keeps out the riffraff!). Lodging is good for the duration of your stay and ends if you leave the station for any reason. RUINS: Ruins Rat: For a payment of X Bonds you will increase your chances of finding items or trouble while searching the ruins and double your carrying capacity. Wreck Runner (more expensive): Same as Ruins Rat, with the added bonus of the possibility of finding rare or even epic items. Either will give you a combat bonus if you find trouble, but will run away at conclusion, regardless of combat outcome. SECURITY: (already has bodyguard available for Bonds) (personal favorite for future consideration: Bounty Hunter Registration: For X Bonds you are given official status as a Bounty Hunter for that station. You may then track down and capture wanted NPC fugitives and return them to the station for payment. Capture always requires combat. Travel expenses are yours to pay.) SICK BAY: (already has sick bay bribes) (For future consideration: Modification Installation: For X Bonds they will install any legal modification and make sure that it is functioning properly before releasing you.) UNIVERSITY: (already has Learning Enhancement and Course Time reduction) (Personal Tutor: For X Bonds you can hire a Tutor who will help you assimilate the nanite learning process a little quicker. Invest focus and subtract small increments of time from the learning process. Genotype bonuses and penalties apply. PUBLIC SHUTTLE TRAVEL: (already has Learning Enhancement. Suggest adding Social Enhancement as well.)