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I would prefer if it were optional. Those who prefer the current user experience should not be forced to go through more hoops than desired.

I prefer giving people options, so that does who love mindless mouse clicking can have their option to do so. Those who would like less clicking and scrolling can also enjoy the game through an improved UI.


  1. Thanks for your replies, let me quickly answer your questions/clarify some aspects:

    • This UI is for PVP, not for syndicate campaigns (e.g.). There won't be such a loot/leave screen in syndicate campaigns - you and your team still get a final loot screen at the end.
    • Combat is "full screen" when you attack someone (or in the future: join interactive combat), therefore navigation is available, once combat ended
    • The victory counter we suggested, would be PVP specific and not summing up all kind of victories, therefore neither sewer nor syndicate campaign victories would increase this counter here.
    • For now, the screen is mandatory as you need to make a decision either to loot or leave. Please remember, this screen does not apply to campaigns! But your suggestion of adding game options for auto-leaving/looting is something, I will share/the Council will share (^^) with the team!