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New Combat Outcome Screens: Tell us what you think! Post pinned

Hello, fellow Citizens.

In our latest blog, we asked for your input, your visionary ideas for the new combat outcome screens the team has been working on now. Please share your ideas in this dedicated thread.

Thank you!


  1. Personally, I think they look good. On mobile tho, I would like an option to turn them off. Are these for all combat or just PVP?

  2. I'd like to see the equipment and average damage done and hit/miss ratios (per weapon).

    Also, I would prefer if it were not a mandatory full-screen popup. I like for the navigation to be available at all times.

  3. Not so much a suggestion, but a word of caution: the victory counter will very quickly go through the roof for players, who participate in syndicate campaigns. E.g. just in the last campaign that [TAU] had (it was just for fun, so only with tier 1 opponents) I have made 114 kills. Thus the counters as they are might be impractical due to little space, even if you apply the same shortening that happens at e.g. bank balance counters (110K, 2M etc).

  4. Please consider the rhythm of multiple combats, particularly the Sewer Runs and Syndicate Campaigns. When doing multiple combats, one after each other, I don't want to have to do additional clicks to be able to move onto the next Combatant - just see how annoying this will get with e.g. 240+ opponents in a Hard syndicate campaign. (For example for top screen above, I have to click "Leave" to go somewhere, then presumably another click to attack the next opponent.)

    I would also like the option to auto-loot the opponent (mainly for Sewer Runs) so that again I don't need an additional click.

    If those are all taken into account, then display of combat stats from the combat would be great, particularly cumulative stats over multiple combats (again, looking at Sewer Runs or Syndicate Campaigns).

    I would definitely want navigation buttons to be able to move on quickly after looking at the Combat results screen and/or provide an option to hide the results screen.

  5. I would prefer if it were optional. Those who prefer the current user experience should not be forced to go through more hoops than desired.

    I prefer giving people options, so that does who love mindless mouse clicking can have their option to do so. Those who would like less clicking and scrolling can also enjoy the game through an improved UI.

  6. Thanks for your replies, let me quickly answer your questions/clarify some aspects:

    • This UI is for PVP, not for syndicate campaigns (e.g.). There won't be such a loot/leave screen in syndicate campaigns - you and your team still get a final loot screen at the end.
    • Combat is "full screen" when you attack someone (or in the future: join interactive combat), therefore navigation is available, once combat ended
    • The victory counter we suggested, would be PVP specific and not summing up all kind of victories, therefore neither sewer nor syndicate campaign victories would increase this counter here.
    • For now, the screen is mandatory as you need to make a decision either to loot or leave. Please remember, this screen does not apply to campaigns! But your suggestion of adding game options for auto-leaving/looting is something, I will share/the Council will share (^^) with the team!
  7. Apologies for many suggestions, almost all probably redundant... obviously too many to implement, but you asked....

    Defensive stances - block, parry, dodge? Rush or retreat? Change weapon (with loss of turn(s)? So many options... so much coding. Weaponless combat and training/courses (possibly with different martial arts; possibly tied to career(s) and skills?

  8. In general, is there a way to minimize the need for scrolling? Carpal tunnel is a risk with so many scrolls and clicks. Perhaps having the active event in missions or sewers appear at the top rather than bottom of window would work? So, as you do a series of related tasks, the scrolling is minimized because the most recent thing is at the top all the time and the older events are at the bottom. This could work for many of the functions, would reduce scrolling up and down, and would also allow those with limited vision to increase the text size and not need to scroll as much, making the game more accessible for them. Just thinking... My ideal would be if the most likely next task showed up in EXACTLY the same place each time (attacking again, choosing the next opponent in sewer, doing the next step in discreet work, etc) and the most common other tasks (go to room, for instance) were always near that position and with minimal clicks. Three or four clicks to get to being in room is a lot for no real game play advantage IMHO and using add-ons to navigate this works, but the functionality ought to be built in. Hopefully scrolling in the opposite direction isn't that much code and could be added relatively easily for all modules (not sure how this is coded, though). Also, new screens seem likely to address much of this, but not certain from my end.

  9. If I don't turn my head fast enough the message about damage disappears before I can read it. As I sit arms length from a 40" monitor, that is actual effort. I expect for those who don't speak English as a first language it might be a problem too. Can the message sit there until our next click?

    There is a button to turn the sound off, is there a button to turn the visuals off too? I really just want to know where the damage is done and not cause other people in to room to notice I am playing a game.

  10. We can see the name and image of the 4 weapons and 2 armors in the fight. It would be nice if under the images it also showed the stats. When on a syndicate campaign it would be nice to see the stats before I click into the fight. Yes I could go look it up, but this seems to be an unfair advantage for those who can remember the numbers. And unlike card counting in Blackjack, this world has a lot more things to remember.