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Citizen Council Meeting - 2020-01-19 - Minutes

Date: 19-Jan-2020 19:00 UTC / 204.51/79

Present: Dotsent, moritz, Nevah, Brovnik, Geoffrey, Bandall

  • Next Meeting :
    • Resolved - will ask staff to attend next meeting to provide feedback and discuss upcoming changes
  • Council Trello Board, from Forum post items :
    • Crafting: Disassembly
      • Learn by disassembly
      • Item Recycling and blueprints
      • Summary - Disassembly gains skill in making the item + components
      • Idea/comment - Disassembly just causes damage to item, can be repaired
      • Idea/comment - Skill with weapon affects disassembly effects
      • Votes : 6-0 in favour - ACCEPTED
    • Visa: High reputation = longer time
      • Gaule Visa
      • Summary - High reputation with Gaule results in longer term Visa
      • Idea/comment (Bandall) - bad reputation results in shorter time or more expensive
      • Idea/comment (Geoff) - need to be able to recover from bad reputation (via course or Discrete Work)
      • Votes : 6-0 in favour - ACCEPTED
    • Hotel: QoL: Locking oneself in
      • Hotel: QoL: Locking oneself in
      • Summary - Once in Hotel Room, require confirmation to leave hotel room
      • Idea/comment (Brovnik) - Increases UI effort with additional click
      • Idea/comment (moritz) - believed to be less of an issue with game changes
      • Votes : 4-2 in favour - ACCEPTED
    • University: Portable nanobots
      • University: Portable nanobots
      • Summary - Allow purchase of multiple courses
      • Idea/comment (Dotsent - Great idea, but might be too easy ?
      • Idea/comment (Bandall) - from the lore point, universities might risk IP
      • Idea/comment (Brovnik) - Allow injection of multiple courses (still only one active at any time)
      • Votes : 3-3 = tie, Chair vote resolves as REJECTED
        • Less of a requirement with recent reductions in fuel prices
    • Ships: Variable refuel
      • Ships: Variable refuel
      • Summary - Allow refuel of less than 100% of a ship using selector
      • Idea/comment (Nevah/Geoff) - Choose amount of fuel, amount of cost or amount of time - "add fuel for 1 segment"
      • Votes : 6-0 in favour - ACCEPTED
    • Stim: Coffee
      • Stim: Coffee
      • Summary - increase number of stims & consumables in game, in particular, add a Focus stim
      • Idea/comment (moritz) - everything in the game will be "gameable"
      • Vote 1 : increase number of consumables in game
        • Votes : 4-2 against - REJECTED
          • Recent update gives new consumables
      • Vote 2 : add a Focus stim (as distinct to ration which affects all stats)
        • Votes : 4-2 against - REJECTED
          • Already have rations
    • Syndicate: Move home
      • Syndicate: Move home
      • Summary - Allow Syndicate to move home station
      • REJECTED based on discussions with staff that this will be covered by blueprints
    • Crafting: Jump gate reopening
    • Career: Partial task success/failure
    • NPC: Tip the musician (and more interaction in general?)
      • NPC: Tip the musician (and more interaction in general?)
      • Summary - allow more interaction with NPCs in station
      • Idea/comment (Brovnik) - If devs would add more content, I'd rather see something else, like new systems
      • Idea/comment (Bandall) - E.g. having own home would be more welcome
      • Idea/comment (Nevah) - I'd love new systems or residences etc.
      • Votes : 6-0 against - REJECTED
        • Low priority compared to other game improvements
    • Syndicate: Subordinate syndicates
      • Syndicate: Subordinate syndicates
      • Initial Summary - Allow Syndicate to marked as subordinate to other syndicate
      • Idea/comment (Brovnik) - marking syndicates as allies or enemies
      • Idea/comment (Brovnik) - could initially be a simple mechanism, to be extended later
      • Revised Summary for voting - Allow in-game mechanism to flag friend/enemy between syndicates
      • Votes : 6-0 in favour - ACCEPTED
        • Low priority compared to other game improvements
  • Tools :
      1. Some Council members complained of too many tools
        • Comments - agreed no changes after Council have got used to tools
      1. If we have to have in-game forum link to items to be able to consider at Council, we need permanent links to forum posts
        • Idea/comment (Brovnik) - Copy summary of topic into Trello item for Council
        • Idea/comment (Brovnik) - Request staff to ensure we have permanent links to forum posts in Council Forum - recent change has lost all the permanent links to Forum posts (update - looks like a Forum login issue, you need to be logged in to get to the post)
      1. Trello board review -
        • Add Archive column, move all items with broken links or older than 203.00 there for review by Dotsent/moritz for items with comments
        • Add summary from post into Trello item for future items


  1. Thank you, Brovnik!