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you keep assuming you have to do it. You don't! it's an optional thing - there is no mandatory participation.

All the talk of setting up a kill zone is nonsense. I don't PvP at all.


  1. I'm not assuming that I have to do anything, except sit around Tau Station, accumulate wealth, take the new University courses, and wait for the developers to finish what they started. I rather look forward to the day when I can purchase a freighter and haul a load of Tau Station clothing to a far off station, pick up a new load, and continue to another location. (God, I miss Empire Builder!) Perhaps I will be able to purchase a second ship and hire an NPC to captain it! Soon I can have a fleet and a financial empire! And that is how you bring an entirely new group of players into the game.

    "Occasionally, an unnamed horror creeps out and attacks a random player. With no chance to fight, slim chances to flee. The attack is so traumatizing that the survivor (or the clone, in case of not being able to flee) has severely reduced Intelligence and Social for the next tenspan" -- Those are called "griefers" and you don't have to go to a horror station to find them. Stay in any port for an hour and they will find you!