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Minutes from 2019-12-15 meeting

The minutes from the first meeting of the second Citizen Council are available to the public on Google Drive.

Edit: The actual minutes:

First Meeting of Second Citizen Council

Meeting scheduled start 2019-12-15 1930 UTC


Citizen Council - 6
* Dotsent (Chair)
* Brovnik
* moritz
* Nevah
* Shadow
* Xierumeng

Previous Council (non-voting) - 1
* suravayarman-III

Preliminary Matters

Thanks to the Previous Council

Dotsent expressed gratitude to the members of the first Citizen Council for its work. The entire Council joined in expressing praise and thanks.

Missing Members

Discussion was had regarding two of the Council members not present at the meeting, Bandall and Bob-Simpson.

Previous Council Members

At least one member of the first Citizen Council who is no longer on the Council has expressed an interest in following the continued proceedings. Dotsent proposed that the decision whether to allow former Council members continued access to Council tools be left up to the Tau Station staff. As an alternative--and subject to change if staff disagrees--moritz formally proposed that former Council members retain read-only access to the Council Discord channel, with no ability to post. The proposal passed, with five Yes votes and one No vote.

Council Composition

Concerns were raised regarding Syndicate representation on the Council--specifically, that whereas the previous Council had representatives from multiple Syndicates as well as independent players, the current Council is made up almost entirely of members of TAU and TTU. The Council reaffirmed its intent to continue Council outreach to all players, and to remain objective in all matters, including those involving Syndicates. The Council also encouraged everyone to monitor the issue, and to bring anything troubling to the Council’s attention promptly.

Existing Council Tools

The Council unanimously agreed to continue using the tools that the previous Council set up for use: Discord, Trello, and Google Drive. The Council also unanimously agreed to continue using Zoom for Council meetings.

Election of Council Officers

Dotsent briefly explained the duties of Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Vice-Secretary, and opened the floor for self-nominations for each position in sequence.


Only moritz nominated himself for consideration for Vice-Chair. He was elected on a vote of 6-0.


Shadow and Xierumeng were nominated for the position of Secretary, though Xierumeng expressed some reluctance to continue in the position. Shadow received five Yes votes and zero No votes, with one abstention. Xierumeng received four Yes votes and one No vote, with one abstention. Thus, Shadow was elected Secretary.


Brovnik and Xierumeng were nominated for the position of Vice-Secretary. Brovnik received five Yes votes and zero No votes, with one abstention. Xierumeng received five Yes votes and one No vote. As Chair, Dotsent broke the tie and selected Brovnik as Vice-Secretary.

Future Proceedings

The Council agreed to schedule its next formal meeting after the holidays, some time after January 9, 2020. Meanwhile, Dotsent volunteered to ensure that the new Council members have access to all Council tools.

New Secretary Shadow expressed concern regarding his (hopefully temporary) inability to access Discord. After the Council duly made fun of Shadow’s ancient technology, Dotsent volunteered to summarize and forward any Discord discussions significant enough to warrant attention from the Secretary.

The meeting was then adjourned by unanimous consent.

Respectfully submitted,


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