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And yet you specifically removed areas that protect players from loss and left other areas open. You can surely understand why I mistook this as an attempt to set up a kill zone.


  1. I can definitely see where you are coming from, but as a 10 span event, not everyone will participate. There is basically nothing to do but the event. Obviously there is more to flesh out. It was an idea, nothing written in stone. Just seemed like a fun sidetrack.

  2. So, would there be rules in place prohibiting attacks on players, by other players?

  3. Entirely up to @staff, and how they implement it, provided it ever comes to happen. Moritz and I simply had a discussion. None of this is planned to be in game as of now. We just spitballed the idea a little. I would be fine with no PvP, as we have bigger things to deal with.