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A Horror-Themed Station

This idea developed in a discussion between Nevah and moritz.

We want a horror-themed station, working title Cthulhu Station.

Due to orbital shenanigans, it is only available/reachable some of the time.

Visiting it is high risk, high reward.


  • No Sick Bay
  • No Government Center
  • No Inn
  • No Employment area
  • No Security
  • No Bank
  • Occasionally, an unnamed horror creeps out and attacks a random player. With no chance to fight, slim chances to flee. The attack is so traumatizing that the survivor (or the clone, in case of not being able to flee) has severely reduced Intelligence and Social for the next tenspan
  • Maybe life support isn't so great, so character health degrades over time (stats and focus don't full regenerate if you stay there more than two days or so), or movement between areas costs stats and/or Focus here

To make a visit there worthwhile, the rewards need to be pretty good as well. Some ideas:

  • you can occasionally get epic items from Look for Trouble or discreet work
  • maybe VIP is purchasable for credits (limited amount per player and time)?
  • items that can only be obtained on that station


  1. So basically you want a place where you can attack players that will have no place to hide themselves, or their money and cannot hire security to protect themselves. Real classy idea!

  2. It's more of an event. If you cant do it, dont come. Think of it as more of a derelict station with a screwed up orbit that appears very randomly.

    The intent of our discussion was to just do something different, not set up a kill zone. Think of it as an extreme campaign on steroids for those brave enough to participate.

    Nothing is compelling you to participate. You are simply limited to rations, stims, and syndicates. Really I would like this as an event for all players that can do it, not just a campaign.

    We are stronger together than apart.

  3. And yet you specifically removed areas that protect players from loss and left other areas open. You can surely understand why I mistook this as an attempt to set up a kill zone.

  4. I can definitely see where you are coming from, but as a 10 span event, not everyone will participate. There is basically nothing to do but the event. Obviously there is more to flesh out. It was an idea, nothing written in stone. Just seemed like a fun sidetrack.

  5. So, would there be rules in place prohibiting attacks on players, by other players?

  6. Entirely up to @staff, and how they implement it, provided it ever comes to happen. Moritz and I simply had a discussion. None of this is planned to be in game as of now. We just spitballed the idea a little. I would be fine with no PvP, as we have bigger things to deal with.

  7. I mostly want the environment to be dangerous -- otherwise, how could there be risk?

    Personally, I'm not really into PvP, and haven't participated much in PvP in the last two or three cycles, except for combat testing.

  8. Being ambushed by a griefer is NOT the same as PvP. There are plenty of PvP games out there and if I wanted to play PvP I would be in one of them and not here where it is more AvV (Attacker vs Victim). Tau Station is an environment interactive narrative adventure that has been shanghied by rule tweakers who build unstoppable characters and get their jollies by attacking anyone who is weaker without restriction. Sadly, the designers of this game have done nothing to curb this problem, probably because they are afraid to lose the core base of their players who apparently got bored waiting for development to challenge them and took matters into their own hands. This game will not survive unless this problem is addressed. Any game requires paying customers in order to pay the bills. This means that you have to give the customer something worth buying and an unexpected beat-down and sickbay stay is not going to encourage them to spend more money. I play Wizard101 and I have no problem spending money to up my game experience. I follow the narrative adventure, I craft, I fish, I PvP when I feel like it (with others who want to PvP as well), I have several residences that I have decorated as I wanted, and I can communicate and team up with other online players whenever I want (or adventure solo). And I have no problem spending extra cash for the new things that are constantly being developed. If I am constantly being attacked by bullies, I would not enjoy the game and would stop spending money. Tau Station has the opportunity to become THE space adventure game! The framework has been put in place and it requires fleshing out to make it all work. An example is the area marked Residences. Wouldn't it be nice if these were fleshed out with graphics and each station's housing was distinctively different from another station's. Now let's be able to purchase housing on a station and use that as our home base. Let's put furniture shops in the market and buy items to decorate our living quarters. This is the kind of thing that entices new players into the game and encourages them to spend money. And what happens when you go on a trip to Station Flea Market for a huge shopping trip and you get mugged by a griefer? You lose a paying customer who is unlikely to return. And this is why I get heated when someone suggests something which is clearly an attempt to create a kill zone for griefers. The game has not yet been sufficiently fleshed out to create an interactive Horror Station that all players can explore and enjoy. Something like this would require that the environment be able to interact with player skill sets, so that a medic would have different options than an engineer. Sub-skills need to be developed, so someone with knowledge of music theory would get an option that no one else would get. The possibilities are endless here, but until the game has the flesh to make it possible, it is obvious that all you are doing is making a griefer kill zone.

  9. you keep assuming you have to do it. You don't! it's an optional thing - there is no mandatory participation.

    All the talk of setting up a kill zone is nonsense. I don't PvP at all.

  10. I'm not assuming that I have to do anything, except sit around Tau Station, accumulate wealth, take the new University courses, and wait for the developers to finish what they started. I rather look forward to the day when I can purchase a freighter and haul a load of Tau Station clothing to a far off station, pick up a new load, and continue to another location. (God, I miss Empire Builder!) Perhaps I will be able to purchase a second ship and hire an NPC to captain it! Soon I can have a fleet and a financial empire! And that is how you bring an entirely new group of players into the game.

    "Occasionally, an unnamed horror creeps out and attacks a random player. With no chance to fight, slim chances to flee. The attack is so traumatizing that the survivor (or the clone, in case of not being able to flee) has severely reduced Intelligence and Social for the next tenspan" -- Those are called "griefers" and you don't have to go to a horror station to find them. Stay in any port for an hour and they will find you!