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  1. Second-Hand Shops (Vendors)
  2. An ever changing assortment of items for the discerning customer at bargain prices.
  3. Shop until you drop!
  4. Everything found in regular shops, as well as rarer items and weapons and possibly even unknown artifacts that have been mis-identified.
  5. Most of the items are damaged and in desperate need of repair. Your ability to repair an item is based on your repair skill, your tier, and your expertise with that type of item (Ex. A tier 4 shotgun with 60% damage would require a repair skill of 2, level 4 tier, and shotgun expertise). Of course you can just ship it off and pay an expert to do it. Sometimes a piece of equipment or weapon is mislabeled and you may be getting less (sometimes more) than you paid for. An item showing a certain damage level could actually be beyond repair due to some hidden flaw (not apparent until actual repairs are attempted). Sorry,... No refunds.
  6. Second-hand shops would work best if only common items are available in regular vendor shops. This would lead to a more realistic rarity system. The idea of something being rare, but I can buy as many as I can afford, seems a little strange. Regular vendors rely on new goods to make a profit and always pay cheap when buying items from players. Second-hand shops pay more, but the exact percentage varies from shop to shop. It is up to the player to figure out who pays the best.