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Citizen Council elections: Start of Promotion Phase at 203.70 GCT Post locked

Dear Citizens, here's a status update about our new Citizen Council election.

The list of candidates will be implemented in the Citizen Council section via a game update on Wednesday. Therefore, we slightly adjusted the schedule for what follows. But, as a bonus side-effect, this means several fixes, improvements and also next steps of combat balancing will be rolled out earlier than previously expected 🙂.

  • 📣 New start of Promotion: 203.70/00:000 GCT (Oct-30 GMT)
  • 🗳 New start of Election: 203.84/00:000 GCT (Nov-13 GMT)
  • 🏛 New end of Election: 203.91/00:000 GCT (Nov-19 GMT, end of day)