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Ongoing legal status

We all recognize that illegal actions are part of game play.
It would make sense that legal records might accumulate into something more annoying or more beneficial, depending.

For example, a five-star griefer, who attacks players and NPCs wherever he goes, might incur a fugitive status and have an elevated risk of being tossed in brig or kicked off the station by security.

Or let's say a player like me, who likes to sell things that aren't mine to vendors who don't exist . . . gets caught too much . . . Again, elevated risk of brig time or being thrown off the station by security, even perhaps chance of being excluded from access to the station.

For that matter, perhaps there might be chance of setting up a prison station, where heavier sentences would be carried out.
This would also increase the utility of a judiciary system, where players who have taken up the law trade might find gainful employment.

Meanwhile, a bounty hunter, (any player who attacks fugitives to earn a reward) would not only be exempted from arrest for attacking the fugitive but might gain in rating as well as reward.
Also, in the case of a bounty-hunter, if the fight goes too long, it might be interrupted by guards who take custody of the fugitive, either decreasing or altogether stealing the reward.


  1. +1 as this could bring much more into the game. Could this criminal record be deleted, for example, by any action or community service, such as side jobs for the station/faction?

  2. Added to Trello.