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Advancement by tier

Currently, advancing to the next tier, while annoyingly inevitable, yields few advantages other than access to different weapons and armor. Ideas have been brought forth in the past to incentivize tiering up and make it more desirable.
I am asking other players to place their ideas on positive and negative consequences of tiering up as opposed to holding back at the current tier. I will also submit mine here as a reply to my own post.
I think this is something the Council should consider, and I have seen mention of the issue by most of the council's members. Also, if there are reasons to NOT pursue this issue, again, please, post them here. Thanks.


  1. Here is my basic list of how I would improve the currently unattractive tier-advancement status. Please note that unless coursework is mentioned, I mean for these to be considered independently of skill/course.

    Item access
    (i.e. weapons and armor)
    Different items should of course be more effective in the higher tiers. That is currently in place and is common sense and good gameplay.

    Item proficiency
    (accuracy, damage caused, tendency to incur damage)
    I would suggest a 5% per tier increase in these yields.
    For example, a weapon would carry a bonus of the player's number of tiers above the tier level of the item, so if the player is tier-5, the tier-3 weapon at .2 accuracy would instead offer a .22 (10% higher than base) accuracy, and instead of 10 damage, it would hit for 11 damage.

    Item breakage
    (damage caused to item)
    In the event that an item is damaged, I would suggest a 5% per tier increase in the amount of damage incurred due to the more intense manner in which the item is being used.
    For example, instead of taking 5% damage, a pocket pincher wielded by a Tier-5 character would take 1.25x the base (6.25% total) damage (or instead of 1% it would take 1.25%).
    However, a tier-4 heat scimitar wielded by a tier-5 player would take only 1.05x the base amount of damage, so at 1% damage, it would take 1.05%, and at 5% damage, it would take 5.25%.
    Also, the chance of incurring item damage should increase by 5% for each tier difference between the player level and the item level.

    Ship range, wear and damage
    In addition to the bonus acquired through courses, I would suggest a per-tier increase in the range and speed and decrease in the amount of wear and damage as well as repair time and cost. This of course would not apply to public shuttles unless the player character is actually a crew member of the shuttle (not currently foreseen in gameplay). Also, the tier of the player should decrease the minimum level of efficiency at which the ship would remain operable.
    For example, at 60%, a ship may be inoperable for a tier 1 player, but a tier 5 player could still fly at 35%, with the obvious increased risk of permanently damaging or breaking the ship.

    (Well-Fed duration, ration item weight, special abilities, above-stat-level temporary stat increases -- i.e. tier 1 => up to 110% stat level, tier 2 => up to 120%, etc.)
    Currently the only difference with the higher tier ration is that it costs more and the previous tier no longer suffices. That doesn't appear to make sense.

    Career tasks (per-tier access, per-tier proficiency, per-tier increase in reward/penalty)
    Again, I suggest a 5% per-tier inrease in chace to succeed, reward for success, penalty for failure, etc.
    Also, a 50% per tier reduction in experience gained for each attempt, success and failure. Of course, there should be levels which are only open to higher tiers and tasks which are only open to higher levels. Career levels should also carry abilities which affect other aspects of gameplay, but that is for another post.

    Of course, I am suggesting a 5% per-tier increase in salary. I would only muse at the idea for bonds, as that issue directly affects the profitability of the game and would most likely be sacrosanct.
    For example, a tier-zero player who is a level 8 shipwright (is that possible?) would get the base salary and bonds, but a tier-5 player who is a level 8 shipwright would get the base bonds and 125% of the base salary instead of 100%

    Discreet Missions
    Again, I would suggest a 5% per-tier increase in rate of success, reward for success, penalty for failure and chance of special bonus. Also, there should be a chance for a mental puzzle which would not just be a point-and-click no-brainer, which would increase in chance of occurrance, difficulty, reward/risk, increase in approval and chance of special bonus.

    Attack penalty/bonus
    There should be a prestige penalty per-tier for attacking lower-tier characters, including NPCs, and a bonus for successfully defeating higher level characters as well as penalty for being defeated by lower-level characters.

    Special ship access
    As more ship types come available, some types should be limited to higher tier characters, although lower tier players who have completed coursework should be able to be hired to operate the ships (this would require many features not currently implemented in gameplay and is unlikely to be considered . . . but I am throwing it out there).

    Special missions
    Special missions, discreet missions and side jobs should be available on a per-tier basis and should require courses/skills.

    Special courses
    There should be "classes" only available at tiers above a set level.

    Skill bonus
    The bonus afforded by skills should increase by 5% for each tier of the player above the tier at which the skill is offered. For example, a tier-one skill (currently all skills are tier-one or tier-zero) adding 10 points to the player's chance at success would instead add 12 points for a tier-5 player.

  2. Let me reference my proposal for combat rework, which features many combat actions that could easily be restricted to higher tiers.

    I'll try to think of other incentives to tiering up as well.

  3. Added to Trello.