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What kind of new items would you like to have in Tau Station? Post pinned

Dear Citizens!

It's time to collect ideas and wishes right from the Community! Every Citizen is invited to share and discuss possible items you'd like to see in the game. Please note that we will need time to collect, review and evaluate your suggestions. It's not needed to mention details like prices or drop rates as this will be part of the balancing process that can only be done by the team, based on the game data.

How to suggest

Please follow this standard structure below as it will make it easier to sum up the results and to compare the suggestions:

  1. "Name" (type)
  2. Affected feature (benefits)
  3. How to use
  4. Variations
  5. Limitations
  6. Additional details = optional


  1. Repair kit (consumable)
  2. Repairing items (instant repair = no waiting time)
  3. Activate/use on gear to perform the instant repair
  4. Several kits: some for weapons only or armor only and rare special kits that can be used on every item type, tier-based
  5. A kit must match or exceed the tier of the item you want to repair instantly, otherwise you get only a lower percentage fixed (similar to ration tiers).
  6. nothing to add

We're looking forward to seeing many witty ideas! Thank you.

StarGazer for the Tau Station team


    1. Shields (short-ranged weapon, hand-to-hand)
    2. In addition to dealing relatively low damage, increases defense when equipped; can potentially be dual wielded (see my feedback forum post on dual wielding)
    3. Equip in a weapon slot
    4. Impact, piercing, and energy defense provided in addition to the typical damage dealt with any other weapon,
    5. Deals less damage than other short-ranged weapons; doesn't block crit damage; though both weapon slots can be used for shields, doing so would leave you without a long-ranged weapon and your damage would be sub-optimal
    6. None
  1. Book, magazine, pamphlet, etc
    Trade good, found in ruins, possibly sold by vendors or given as reward
    Teaches a portion of a skill level,
    multiple items required per level
    Should be specific to skill and level

    To use: Read it. May be kept in inventory, stored, dropped or sold

    Tech manual, encyclopedia, how-to book, magazine, etc.

    May require certain skill to read,
    may depend on stats,
    may be unreadable
    May become worn or damaged with repeated use
    May become damaged in combat if it is carried along
    May be in another language
    May just be a picture book and use up focus for nothing

    Should be somewhat rare,

  2. I'll assume that post wasn't a joke....

    You replied to the wrong post. It's a reply to a different post for suggesting items.

    1. "Get Out of Jail Free card" (Event)
    2. Will get you released from Brig instantly
    3. Inventory, click on "Use", only available while confined to the Brig
    4. Silver, Gold, Platinum
    5. Silver: one use per cycle; Gold: one use per tenspan; Platinum: one use per day
    6. Mission rewards from the station governor or some shady agent
  3. Bronze - use it once and it's gone.

    1. Pizza (Trade Good)
    2. Just another cheap trade good, available everywhere, like Beer Bottles
    3. Buy, sell, donate, use as invoice, collect, stack, enjoy
    4. None needed.
    5. Give some weird message about rations when one tries to use the pizza
    6. Beer and Pizza go together, even in future space
  4. Consumption should add 1 temporary benefit, such as well-fed status or a particular stat increase for a certain duration.

  5. "Your body, unused to 'junk food' of yesteryear, cannot handle such massive influx of imbalanced nutrients and simply shuts off to sort it out. You fall asleep and awaken, with a massive hangover, fifteen segments later."

  6. +1

    1. Spare navigation computer
    2. Ship repair
    3. If your ship has a broken navigation computer and you happen to have a spare one in your inventory, you get another button in the Docks interface - in addition to "Repair" you get "Replace with a spare", which will take significantly less time (2-3 segments instead of 12).
    4. Maybe a military-grade one that will last longer without breaking? This would be more towards ship upgrades than items though.
    5. Limitations:
      • You can only have one spare NavComp (governmental limitation);
      • It has significant weight (5 Kg?)
    6. After using this option, you get "Broken navigation computer" in your inventory. It should show in the inventory as a broken item with some damage percentage - and you should be able to repair it with a standard repair interface, in a standard NavComp repair time - e.g. 12 segments - when you have time for this.