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Why does training stats take no time at all?

Because this game uses Focus as a proxy for time in many places.

Repairing items takes time. Space travel takes time. Even combat has a time limit. Why wouldn't training take time as well

You could ask the same question for all other things that use focus, including discreet work, mission checks, career tasks etc. And then you can't casually play for a few seconds in a break, it always becomes a few minutes to use your focus.

Right now, players can blow through 100 rations and train a stat 8000% in only a segment or so. That seems manifestly unreasonable. Doing that much of any activity, be it working out or reading or whatever, should take a reasonable amount of time. Not too long, but not nothing.

If you make it take, say, 10 segments to go through 100 rations, the result is that only the most hardcore players can do those training runs, setting them even further apart from the casual gamers.

In addition, if you make training runs less feasible, this favors players who are always on VIP, increasing the pay-to-win criticism, not decreasing it.

Right now, you can farm rations from L4T without VIP, and then do a training run and use one or three days of VIP with 99 bonds from a personal trainer -- something every player can afford at least once a cycle if they are parsimonious with bonds.

When that stops being feasible, you can only compete when you're permanently on VIP, and I think only a handful of players manages that without investment of Real World[tm] Money.

I appreciate the idea, but think it won't be the big equalizer that you hope it will be.