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Suggestion: Ranking System for Level/Experience & Player Nickname

I was wondering if the ranking system for our stats could be applied for player level and experience. For example, the current ranking system for our stats is 'Exceptional' etc. if the player has achieved a certain amount of strength, intel etc.

Let's say a player has achieved level 9, hence the ranking would be 'Experienced' or 'Veteran' or 'Captain' etc. And this rank would be visible for other players to see. So if a Level 1 (Beginner) player decided to attack a Level 3 player (let's assume the rank is 'Committed'), it would pretty much help the Level 1 player to analyse (and rethink his/her life decisions) before attacking. Other than the level/experience, I think players would be motivated to achieve a particular rank in this game.

My suggestion for Level rank names: Level 1 - Beginner, Level 2 - Citizen, Level 3 - Committed, Level 4 - Explorer, Level 5 - Nomad, Level 6 - Stormtrooper/Celestial Being etc.

As for the player's nickname (not to be confused with IGN), it would be really interesting to see if any decisions or actions taken by players are 'converted' into 'nicknames' (nicks). For example, if a particular player always visited the bar and ordered 5 cold ones for himself and for that pretty Harsene lady sittin' at the corner right there, uhhh, I mean if he always ordered beer, the nicks would probably be 'Wasted' or 'Cosmic Puke' etc. If a player always go to the ruins and scavenge for goods to sell to pay for that room he rented (lmao), then his nicks would probably be 'Scavenger' or 'Community Service' etc.

These are just some of my thoughts. Cheers!



  1. I would like to see this idea explored and . . . tweaked . . . "a little" . . .

  2. +1 for a refined version of this

  3. Will not be discussed with staff at this time.