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1st meeting with Tau Station Staff and the Citizen Council members

Let's schedule our first meeting.

Please provide me with 4 dates and time for me to be able to organise it.

Also any topic open in this forum for at least 7 days will have to be discussed by the Council, and you will have to decide if you want to bring this topic to our meeting.

To allow Citizen to know what to expect please respond to every thread and lets other Citizen knows if you will or will not bring this topic to us.

Looking forward for our first meeting.




  1. Thanks Leila! I've added this to be discussed in our next meeting.


  2. After long time fighting with NDAs and finding a date and time, our first official meeting between citizen council and [staff] is going to be

    Sunday 2019-06-09 16:00 UTC

    ... and now I feel bad for letting [staff] work on a Sunday :-)

  3. Thank you moritz, no need to be worried....what's better than a SUNNY day, meeting with the Community?!