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Suggestion: Remote Syndicate Storage Viewing and Syndicate Vendors


Just today, I was thinking about how much I need some tier 3 armor to replace my Gaule heavy combat suit. Looking in my personal storage (remotely), I found that none of the T3 armor that I have access to is any better than what I currently have. I asked about it, both on my syndicate's in-game chat and their Discord server, as they were the suppliers of my Gaule combat suit. I found that none of my fellow syndicate members know much about our syndicate storage's contents in the T3 armor category.


Remote syndicate storage viewing and requesting items:

To deal with the aforementioned problem, we could be given a way to remotely (that is to say, from other stations) view our syndicates' storage and request items from it, perhaps with a reason for request. A syndicate member with inventory management perms could then approve or deny the request, or auto-approve their own request, and send the item to the requester.

Syndicate Vendors:

This plan could also help with the setup of syndicate vendors. A syndicate could set up a shop on a station (in the same way that they'd build any other building) that would show the syndicate's inventory. A citizen could then place an order on an item in the syndicate's storage for a certain price (in credits or bonds), which could then be accepted or rejected by a syndicate member with inventory management and/or money management perms, sending the item to the buyer.


  1. It is my understanding that the staff believes Syndicate Buildings will address some of these concerns. I've taken this to mean that Syndicates will--upon obtaining the relevant blueprints, materials, University classes, etc.--be able to construct facilities on non-home stations from which they will be able to view/access Syndicate Storage. This is just inference on my part, though.

  2. I see. I suppose I'dn't know, seeing as I don't talk with the staff as much as you do.

  3. Heh! No, that was posted publicly somewhere a while back. No secret knowledge here!

  4. Oh. I was more focused on the actual game than the forums and blog, so I don't pay as much attention to announcements beyond Reddit and the changelogs.

  5. Nothing wrong with that! =)

  6. Blueprints don't appear to exist, even though I draw them up regularly for 320 credits a copy.

  7. Will not be discussed with staff at this time.