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Suggestions for Improved Coretechs Storage Listing

The Storage list in the Coretechs is a bit difficult, and is quite bothersome, to sift through. So, here are some suggestions that come to mind to improve it:

  • Filters for types of items, locations (can be in by System or Station), maybe even the rarity. Would also be useful to have the option to choose more than one filter for when someone needs to look for a certain item that is easily accesible.

  • Geoff's forum post has pretty much the same idea as my other suggestion. It would be nice if every item, be it weapons, armors, or others, are listed once on each area. Then, the "Quantity" label would be of better use.

It's honestly not much of a bother to me on PC. However, on mobile, it's a lot of work to navigate. Especially as I acquire more items in the game, what with my hoarding and all :D

Feel free to add more suggestions. These two are the only things that i could really think of.


  1. +1 Filters would be a simple (is it simple?) and effective way to immediately upgrade this section.

  2. I support this idea.

  3. Accepted for discussion with staff.