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Proper tutorial please

lots lacking, no proper tutorials/guidance for newbies (not moving around. talk about combat and such), which in turn sees the average gamer pass this game very fast. And unfortunately you need those to stick around to make the community grow and invite their friends. Don't actively play the game at all, just check in maybe once a week o r month since you do one action at the gym, then have to wait ages to be able to do anything else, hence, you're playing a waiting game of boredom which results in "finding something else to do", leaving the game. If this was intended game design, I suggest a different strategy. You want the keep the player engaged..


  1. Excellent points! Unfortunately it's been quite a while since any of us on the Council have gone through the tutorial, and unlike pretty much every other mission the tutorial isn't replayable. Can you be more specific about where and what you feel is missing or would like to see added?

  2. Will not be discussed with staff at this time.