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Please pursue shops

Shops, with crafting, and especially a coffee shop, with coffee working as low-toxicity stim...


  1. Crafting's already on our list (but feel free to expound on why you support it). But what do you mean by "shops"? We already have a place to sell goods (Public Market)--which will presumably include crafted goods if those are implemented--and a place to hang out and drink coffee if it's implemented (Lounge). And we know Syndicate Vendors are planned.

    Are you thinking of personal shops for individual players? Without the 10% listing fee? Where items won't expire after two days? And where players can list as many of their own goods as they like without paying bonds for each item beyond the first? Something like that? (A note of caution on that last one: I'd expect that game mechanics negating the benefits of Bonds are likely to be unpopular with the devs...)

  2. Shops - Coffee shops, tool shops, machine part shops, weapon repair shops, private vendor booths, etc.
    Some of the inventory could be sold to NPCs,
    Selling fee might be lower at the shop than on the public market.
    Perhaps instead of a selling fee, there could be a regular license fee for the shop, and whatever you sell is sold without additional fees.
    A shop would be localized and might or might not be tied to a syndicate.
    Others might have other ideas about it.
    Maybe a player would be able to set buy and sell prices, set up his shop with other vendors in the marketplace and let passers-by get better prices than the NPC vendors offer.

    As for coffee, that is another thing I am hoping you will pursue, but I think it belongs in another topic.

  3. Will not be discussed with staff at this time.