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Do you have a brilliant feature suggestion or an important topic you'd like to open for discussion? - The Citizen Council is here for you! Suggested topics will be open for Community discussion for at least seven days. The Council will then discuss them and vote to decide which topics needs to be raised in their meeting with the Tau Station development team.

Post Last Post
Reputation Loss
Author: Nevah / comments: 10
205.06/90:089 GCT by moritz
Suggestion for New Station Area
Author: Bandall / comments: 1
204.80/99:400 GCT by Shadow
[SUGGESTION] Market Fees
Author: Grahm / comments: 2
204.80/99:221 GCT by Shadow
[SUGGESTION] University courses qol changes
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
204.80/98:823 GCT by Shadow
Ship mods galore....
Author: Anola / comments: 3
204.80/98:635 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Well-fed Timer and Repeat Task
Author: Aspicienti / comments: 2
204.80/98:443 GCT by Shadow
A Horror-Themed Station
Author: moritz / comments: 12
204.64/20:595 GCT by Bandall
Suggestions for Additional Bond Uses
Author: Bandall / comments: 0
204.63/42:866 GCT by Bandall
[suggestion] Extend itinerary planning by inter-system routes
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
204.61/99:353 GCT by Nevah
[Suggestion] Special missions of settable duration
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
204.61/67:496 GCT by Bandall
Citizen Council Meeting - 2020-01-19 - Minutes
Author: Brovnik / comments: 1
204.55/06:584 GCT by Shadow
Minutes from 2019-12-15 meeting
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
204.18/00:597 GCT by Dotsent
"Notifications" list -- candidate for a filter-view interface?
Author: quasidart / comments: 1
204.16/84:806 GCT by Xierumeng
Ongoing legal status
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 2
203.95/95:286 GCT by Xierumeng
Advancement by tier
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 3
203.95/95:187 GCT by Xierumeng
The election is over
Author: StarGazer / comments: 0
203.92/59:640 GCT by StarGazer
Links to voting procedure
Author: Dotsent / comments: 0
203.88/68:657 GCT by Dotsent
Citizen Council elections: Start of Promotion Phase at 203.70 GCT Post locked
Author: StarGazer / comments: 0
203.68/73:206 GCT by StarGazer
Call for applications: 2nd Citizen Council election (over) Post locked
Author: StarGazer / comments: 0
203.43/43:180 GCT
In Case You Missed It
Author: Shadow / comments: 0
203.37/83:751 GCT