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Do you have a brilliant feature suggestion or an important topic you'd like to open for discussion? - The Citizen Council is here for you! Suggested topics will be open for Community discussion for at least seven days. The Council will then discuss them and vote to decide which topics needs to be raised in their meeting with the Tau Station development team.

Post Last Post
New Combat Outcome Screens: Tell us what you think! Post pinned
Author: StarGazer / comments: 11
207.71/83:776 GCT by Anola
What kind of new items would you like to have in Tau Station? Post pinned
Author: StarGazer / comments: 43
208.09/76:752 GCT by JAMESON
[suggestion] Restart
Author: CatShrimp / comments: 1
210.56/75:855 GCT by Shadow
What missions are available
Author: Davas / comments: 1
210.56/75:575 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Don't put people into the Brig without them knowing that it might happen
Author: ExtraInsanity / comments: 3
210.25/78:162 GCT by Shadow
Bond Protection
Author: CartofJam / comments: 1
209.05/16:087 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Combat Features
Author: RuthlessCombat / comments: 1
208.45/84:540 GCT by Shadow
[suggestion] Make up / down vote buttons on suggestions
Author: JAMESON / comments: 1
208.23/84:185 GCT by Shadow
Chat Modification
Author: Payen / comments: 1
207.60/93:059 GCT by Shadow
Damage types and resistance of armor
Author: Alandres / comments: 1
207.36/90:186 GCT by Shadow
Combat - Coursework/Skill - Damage-type specialization
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 1
207.26/00:949 GCT by Shadow
A question regarding personal archives
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 1
207.19/20:828 GCT by Shadow
[suggestion - syndicate buildings] Art Gallery + Library
Author: Nevah / comments: 2
207.03/66:166 GCT by Geoff
Ships - Cargo hold - Larger Capacity purchased with bonds
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 1
206.97/00:864 GCT by Shadow
Local Shuttles area tutorial
Author: Mushroom1 / comments: 2
206.80/11:320 GCT by Mushroom1
[Suggestion] Toward a unified coding system for Systems and Stations
Author: Sotheryn / comments: 4
206.79/83:022 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Select several items form the inventory
Author: Audrey / comments: 1
206.79/82:895 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Display skills level in the player stats container
Author: Audrey / comments: 1
206.79/82:792 GCT by Shadow
[Suggestion] Transparent background
Author: Audrey / comments: 1
206.79/82:417 GCT by Shadow
Suggestion: confirmation before making purchase with bonds / a large amount of credits
Author: Mushroom1 / comments: 1
206.58/82:526 GCT by Shadow