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First Couple Days

After my first 2 days I've started my career as a ship wipe and have worked mostly on cleaning, and fueling ships. I've also been trying to inspect cargo, but the scanner is more complicated that it seemed at first. I've incorrectly identified a number of crates as contraband. This didn't sit well with the security personnel at the port. I also got talked into trying to cut a fuel source with another cheaper fuel, and was caught. I ended up having to spend a little time in brig, and I never want to go back there! I didn't realize that it was against the rules until I got caught! But if I'm honest with myself I should have known that was the wrong thing to do. I'm currently working my job and working towards getting an education at the university which will hopefully be easy. I also get tired so quickly and easily and I'm constantly losing focus! I know you should never self diagnose, but I'm pretty sure I have ADHD.

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